Ninth District Court of Appeals Division General Filing Requirements

The Summit County Ninth District Court of Appeals Division Requires Mandatory E-Filing.

The Ninth District Court of Appeals Division includes but is not limited to the filing and keeping of all Notices of Appeals for all Summit County Courts and Original Actions. Notices of Appeal for all Ninth District cases must be filed within 30 days of the appealable order. We do not accept fax filings.

Notice of Appeal

The original Notice of Appeal and Docketing Statement are required at the time of filing. A Copy of Judgment that is being appealed must be attached to the Docketing Statement. A Praecipe to Court Reporter when applicable, must be acknowledged and signed by the Reporter prior to filing. The cost to file is $125.00.

Original Actions

The original petition and instructions for service are required. All service by federal express mail unless specified by law or specific instructions for service. The cost to file is $125.00.


Appellant's Briefs, Appellee's Briefs, and Reply Briefs all require the original and 2 copies for filing, one of which will be returned. Page limitations: The initial and answer briefs shall not exceed 30 pages and reply briefs shall not exceed 10 pages, exclusive of the appendix, summary of argument and index.