The Title Division is responsible for the issuance of titles for motor vehicles and watercraft, including automobiles, motorcycles, mobile homes, travel trailers, campers, manufactured homes, boats, boat motors, all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s), off-highway motorcycles, wave runners and jet skis.  In addition to original Certificates of Title, the Title Division issues duplicate titles, title transfers from out-of-state vehicles or watercraft, and memorandum titles. The Title Bureau has three locations to serve our customers located in Akron, Northfield, and Green. Title fees must be paid with cash, certified check, money order, credit/debit card or check.

The Certificate of Title to your Automobile or Watercraft is similar to the Deed to your Real Estate Property; take good care of it. Do not carry your Certificate of Title on your person or in your car, keep it in a safe place.  It is your only proof of ownership.  If you are in doubt concerning the transferring, buying, selling or mortgaging of a motor vehicle always call your Clerk of Courts for complete information at (330) 630-7200.