The Legal Division supports the Summit County Court of Common Pleas-General Division and the Summit County Domestic Relations Court and the Ninth District Court of Appeals.  The Legal Division is divided into four sub-divisions: Civil Division, Criminal Division and Domestic Relations and Ninth District Court of Appeals.  The responsibilities of the Legal Division include but are not limited to: filing and keeping of the courtís records for lawsuits, foreclosures, judgment liens notarial certificates, divorces and dissolutions, child support and custody matters, paternity matters, domestic violence complaints, criminal felony matters and collection and disbursement of court costs and restitution and notice of appeals.  Filing fees, court costs and restitution may be paid with cash, certified check, money order, personal check, corporate/business check, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express).  Bonds must be paid with cash, certified check, or money order.